Educational Courses for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening

The Biodynamic Education Centre Course Programs:

Introductory Course

A one and a half day Introductory Workshop which enables the participant to gain a clear understanding of the principles and practices of biodynamic farming and gardening.

The workshop is conducted using a mix of lectures and activities. After attending this workshop you will have a good basis to apply the biodynamic method in your farm and/or garden.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Course consists of three manuals which provide a comprehensive guide to biodynamic practice for both farming and gardening.

In addition to this guide there is tuition provided for two days on each of the three manuals (six days total). Tuition is delivered through lectures, group activities and creative hands-on practice.

After completion of the course you will have the knowledge necessary to implement biodynamic practice in your farm and/or garden.

Certificate Program

The Certificate Program brings together all aspects of biodynamic practice in a complete study program.

The Certificate Program is undertaken as a two year external studies program; there are no workshops or courses to attend.

In addition to a comprehensive knowledge of biodynamic practice, participants will gain the skills, confidence and experience to implement their knowledge of biodynamics in any environment.

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