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The initial upload of the library is just in PDF. In order to search through the contents you will need to use the built in (ctrl+f) search feature on you PDF reader to find what you are after. This will be modified in time so that each catagory is it’s own page. Thanks and Regards

The Biodynamic Education Centre Team



Section One – Workplace

Section Two – BD Production

Section Three – Diversity

Section Four – Soils

Section Five – Nutrition for Plants and Soils

Section Six – Weeds, Pests and Disease

Section Seven – Supplementary Information

Glossary of Terms

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Contributors Welcome

We hope that this resource library will grow in volume and provide a valuable resource to the community. If you have an article(s) which would be suitable for the Resource Library these would be greatly appreciated.

To submit an article please send an email to attaching the article as a word document. Please include your contact details and the resource library chapter to which you think the article is most relevant.

You need to be the author or copyright holder, or have express written consent from the author or copyright holder (which also needs to be submitted), of the article you wish to submit.

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