FarmReady Grant is finishing

This is just an informational post to inform everyone that the FarmReady program will be closing soon. Belosw is an excerpt from an email I received today.

“As you know, FarmReady ends on 30 June 2012 so there’s some dates and tasks to be aware of.


What are the key dates?

  • 2 May is the last date you can submit a new course for assessment or finalise an existing pending course
  • 9 May is the last date participants’ Application Forms will be accepted
  • 31 May is the last course end date that will considered for reimbursement – reimbursement will not be available for courses completed after 31 May
  • 8 June is the last date participants’ Claim Forms will be accepted “

I am very sad to see this program go as it offered excellent opportunities for primary producers to investigate alternative and sustainable forms of farming.

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