Certificate Program: Biodynamic Farming and Gardening

The following information are the links to the course modules as per Certificate Program matrix.

Module Title: Biodynamic System Management

101: Basis of Biodynamic Practice

Unit One

Personal Development
Unit Description

This unit involves a review of the personal skills and spiritual attributes required to work effectively within a biodynamic framework.  It requires establishing and maintaining supportive relations with all personnel and the establishing support networks for the enterprise.

Upon completion of this unit the student will participate in personal development activities and use strategies to improve relationships with other personnel.


Unit Two

Perspectives: Spiritual and Scientific
Unit Description
The purpose of this unit is to identify the importance of developing a scientific and spiritual approach in the development of agriculture.

Upon completion of this unit the student will be able to identify the basis upon which each of the agricultural systems is founded and identify differences in outlook for each major agricultural system.


Unit Three
Site Review
Unit Description
This unit requires you to define your site: its history, location, size, chacteristics and geographical factors.  It involves developing a site map and undertaking a site assessment to identify the physical resources of the site.  This unit also involves gathering information on climatic factors for the local area and observing the effect of climatic factors on site conditions.

Upon completion of this unit the student will be able to develop a site map, describe the environment in which the site is situated, identify climatic factors affecting the site and use outcomes of the site survey to identify the strengths and constraints of the site.


Unit Four
Analyse Soils
Unit Description
This unit of competency requires undertaking a range of soil assessments which help to define the health and structure of your soil.

Upon completion of this unit the student will be able to develop knowledge of different soil parent materials and different soil types; develop the skills required to use a range of soil assessments to determine soil structure, soil organic matter and soil biological life.

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