Distance Education Course for Biodynamic Education - July 2007


A two year distant education Certificate Program for Biodynamic Practice is now available.  Taking four years to develop, the Certificate Program is the first distance education course available for Biodynamic Agriculture.

The Certificate Program brings all the components of the biodynamic method into a coherent whole.  The Certificate Program does not teach biodynamic practice as a recipe to be followed but rather imparts a deeper understanding of the biodynamic method.  This empowers each course participant to implement biodynamic practice in their individual situation. 

Written as a competency based course, participants achieve competency in biodynamic practice through completion of workbook activities and skills log book tasks.  Student resources are provided through the nine course workbooks, resource book and course manuals.  There is an on-line forum enabling students to discuss course topics and interact with other course participants.

The Certificate Program, which was completed in April this year, is becoming increasingly popular with overseas students.  Students currently participating in the Certificate Program have a wide range of experiences and backgrounds but all with the desire to deepen their understanding of and develop their skills for biodynamic practice.

If you would like to know more about the Certificate Program for Biodynamic Practice or other courses offered by the Biodynamic Education Centre please phone 02 6297 2729 or visit the web site at www.biodynamiceducation.com.